Frequently Asked Question

On this page you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you did not find the answer to your question, send it via the feedback form or email to

1. Is it possible to transfer a license to another domain?

Yes you can. To link a license to another domain, send a request to technical support via the feedback form or email, indicating the website address, order number and license.

2. Is it possible to purchase an unlimited license?

Unfortunately not. But you can purchase a multi-site license, which allows you to activate a license key on several sites at once. The maximum number of sites to activate a license key is equal to the number of goods in the cart at the time of purchase.

3. Do themes / plugins support WPML?

Yes. All themes and plugins work with WPML multilingual sites. In addition, for all customers who buy themes in the online store, there is a special offer – a free lifetime license for all WPML products. The WPML license prohibits the use of the plugin as part of other solutions, but allows the owners of the lifetime licenses to activate the client sites. Thus, if you purchased a theme in our online store and wish to create a multilingual website with it, feel free to contact with us for obtaining a gift license.